dimarts, 17 de febrer de 2015

Writing a letter

I'm an eleven years old boy/girl
My name's....I'm a boy/girl I'm eleven..
I'm from Reus, a big town/ near Barcelona/ 100Km from Barcelona
Reus is the capital of Baix Camp, our district.

I'm tall/short 
I've got brown/black hair and blue/brown/green/black eyes.

I live in a house/flat with my mum, dad, sisters brothers... step dad step mum... grandma...
I haven't got brothers or sisters I'm an only child.

I've got a pet cat/dog/ tortoise... I haven't got any pet

I like music and sports. I play with the school team on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and on Friday I go to Music classes. I can play the flute/ recorder/ guitar/cello.
My favourite subjects at school are English and Maths. I love English!

What about you? Have you got brothers or sisters? Do you like watching sports programmes on TV? Can you play any instrument? Do you like cartoons/ computer games? sports? What is your favourite sport? Do you know something about Barça?

Hope to hear from you soon,
I hope you'll write soon
Best wishes

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